SEO has been a good tool for people in building online presence and making their business known.  One of the best ways in helping the SEO process for a website is to do link building processes.  Basically, this is the process of strategic internet marketing all throughout the internet to help business websites to show on the top search results on search engines. 


There are lots of ways to do link building online.  But just as the world goes, there are always the right way and the wrong way of doing things.  This is also the same when it comes to doing link building procedures.  Some would just do anything to build link even if it’s not the right procedure to do so.  Here are some of the proper ways to do link building procedures.


Blog commenting

Blog commenting is where readers would leave comments on related blogs or even those that are not.  This is one of the procedures that are used improperly by many people.  In order to use this procedure properly, leave the right blog comments that are suitable for the topics discussed on the blog.  Don’t just leave any comment and place your link.  The right way to do it is to write the relative comments that can start good conversation and insert your link on the URL slot of the blog comment post.  This is will ensure you’ll have the blog comment to catch the attention of other people who write their comments. 


Forum posting

This is also helpful in spreading links but is also a breeding ground of spammers.  Make sure to write forum posts that are related to the main topic.  This will ensure that people will try to connect with you through your post and even regard you as one of the people whom they can talk to while on the community.


Article links

Most of the time, people will think that there’s nothing wrong in doing this procedure.  The truth is not being able to help people through your articles can be among the gravest thing an online marketer can do.  There are some sites that are not that strict in putting articles but it’s still very important for business owners to put helpful articles so readers will get the best benefit from it and click the link in the end.


Link wheels

Link wheels are helpful but it’s important for business owners since they can distribute their links all throughout the links.  However, doing this doesn’t only mean creating actual blogs or hubs.  Make sure to keep it filled with unique contents that are related to the business and to the tips that you're trying to provide. 


Doing thing the wrong way can be faster but cannot gain the best results people are looking for.  The right way will always prevail so better to these link building strategies properly to ensure results and make the business a success.  Follow these strategic internet marketing tips and they will be your pathway towards success especially in doing business.